Casabella products


Casabella Natura is a small company born in the Bergueda region, the inland of Barcelona, where we elaborate our own gourmet products. Our soups, cookies and jams are made of natural ingredients, most of them from our own vegetable garden, so that we can control the whole process and thus guarantee its 100% natural origin.


In Casabella we are responsible for the whole lifecycle, through the planting process, harvesting, packing and labelling. Quality is our identity since it is our “raison d’être”.


We only use first quality ingredients and we specialise in two of the most appreciated in gastronomic circles, Boletus (boletus edulis) and Jerusalem Artichoke.  From our ancestors, we inherited the craft to make these products,  and the passion to communicate the quality of the goods that grow on this earth. We believe these ingredients should be the core of our diet, because we are, and will be, what we eat.



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